The Task

'ASOL' is a charitable organization based in Ukraine, which supports sailors. Their brief was referring to a typical 12 page wall calendar in two languages (English and Russian), that was mainly to be given as a present to their sponsors and also to be sold for fundraising purposes. At that point, we decided on making a very different but more appropriate proposition and negotiated on it.

The calendar itself became a gift box. The box includes two packs of 12 month cards and an annual card. Using the three main parts of the box, it forms a standing triangle where you can place the cards.

A nautical related theme seemed ideal. We decided to go with two diferent directions, one for each year, in order to make it more interesting. The first one, for 2012, was based on sketches of navigational and mechanical instruments, chosen to also have symbolism. Scientific or historical information is also included. For 2013, vintage style illustrations of sea flora & fauna were turned down because in Ukrainian culture portraying underwater themes is consider to be bad luck! Alternatively, parts of vintage illustrations from old maps were used.

On the back of each card, encyclopedic information or a myth of nautical subject, together with information on the month's zodiac sign, was printed with dark brown Pantone. Off white recycled paper was chosen for the cards and Kraft cardboard for the box.


November, 2011


Kmg Media